Dressing up in Toy Story 3 Halloween costumes is tons of fun for the whole family but you can wear your Toy Story 3 Costumes more than once a year. Having a Toy Story 3 party is very popular too. Kids love it for birthdays or sleepovers or any time as an excuse to get together and watch any of the movies. dinosaur egg toy

It can be even more fun for the kids if the adults in the family are wearing their Toy Story 3 Costumes too. Kids really get a kick out of mom and dad dressing up as one of Andy’s toys and acting like a kid too. In fact, you will make a name for yourself as the cool mom and dad. Unless they are teenagers in which case nothing will make you cool. Just kidding!

Toy Story Party Supplies are readily accessible and make things easier but you can make some of your own too. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


You can purchase invitations or you can make your own. Find some images of Buzz, Woody or any of Andy’s toys and save them on your computer. You can either print them out or integrate them into a simple card making software product. Printing them out in color then attaching them to a heavier weight paper is really the easiest way in my opinion and it also gets the kids involved in the project.

Another good option is to visit the scrapbooking section of your local hobby store. There you will find themed papers and stickers you can use for this project as well as for party favors.

Depending on the age of the guests let parents know if they are encouraged to stay with their children. Parents of very young kids won’t want to leave them and parents of teens or pre-teens will of course want to check with you on the details especially if it’s a sleepover.


Keep in the mind the predominant color scheme for these movies and related products is red, yellow and blue. These bright primary colors are eye catching for the youngest, cheer up the rest of us and make it easy to find party supplies. Your local dollar store will have balloons, streamers, tablecloths and other supplies in these primary colors. You can personalize these in several ways. You can use stickers, use cutouts from the images you print out, and use markers to draw images on the balloons. Once you get going, you’ll find all kinds of other ideas coming to you.

Decorate the party area and table with some toys to represent Andy’s toys in the movie. Barbie and Ken, dinosaur toys, piggy banks, green army men, aliens, and slinkies are good choices. Check out the Disney site family.go.com. They have a post called Disney-Pixar Printable: Toy Story 3D Buzz with a really cool template for printing out a foldable Buzz 3D Decoration.


As your guests arrive, furnish them with a goodie bag you’ve purchased or made.

Andy’s Toys Identity

Ahead of time, write down the names of the characters on name tags. Get the kind that pin on, not stick on, because you are going to have them change identities during the party. Put the name tags into a cowboy hat and have everyone draw from the hat as they arrive. Of course you can’t be expected to provide everyone one with a costume, but supply some simple accessory that signifies what character they are playing. A brown cowboy hat for woody for instance. A red cowgirl hat for Jessie, some wiggly antennae for alien, a Barbie tiara for Barbie, a toy army helmet, a space insignia for Buzz are a few ideas.